Book Review : Yaado K Panno Se…..!!!!

Hello everyone,
I hope you all are good and safe in your home.
After long time I was trying to post this content, but due to some busy schedule I could not do this.
This is review of Yaado K Panno Se.
Actually, this book is a gift for me but and I was so excited about that this book is a gift.
I love to read so I was very happy on that day.
This book is full of experience of life.
First poem dedicated to lord Mahadev
After reading this poem I was feeling every word in my soul like each and every word written with the whole heart, Shanky♥️Salty writes each and every poem from the pen of his heart and choose the words from his beautiful soul.

This book is really very interesting and when once I start reading I read this entire book till the end, his words are attractive and yes, I never forget I am falling in love with your words because you writes reality and writes from the heart with your real experience.
One thing I noticed in your book and from your other posts that is never judge people just because they are stronger, never be so selfish, you pick every topic which is most common but your thoughts on that topic makes your poem more beautiful.
So, this post for the Shanky♥️Salty book Yaado K Panno Se.
This book is awesome please guys read and enjoy and seriously, you also fallen love with shanky’s words and understand his previous experience of life.
You can read this book by clicking here.
©Dr. Sakshi Pal


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35 thoughts on “Book Review : Yaado K Panno Se…..!!!!

      1. Breakup , बिछड़न , यादें वगैरा जैसे विषय अच्छे नही लगते….बहुत गहरी चोटे खा चुके है… किसी सकरात्मक विषय पर पुस्तक होती तो जरूर order करता💜😇 झूठा वायदा नही😁

        मनुष्यों को
        प्रेम का मूल्य
        समझाने के लिए
        विधाता ने “प्रेम” के साथ
        दो और रचनाएं
        और उन्हें
        नाम दिया “वेदना” और “वियोग” का!!

        ~अभय भदौरिया

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      2. काश तर्ज़नी उँगली का नाखून आप जितना होता …पिक की जरूरत न पड़ती fingerstyle play करने में😂😂😂🌼

        Liked by 2 people

      3. तुम क्या हेलप करोगे साहेब …😭😭😂

        मैंने पहले ही बोल रखा …2-3 किताब पब्लिश करवाएगी मेरी दोस्त

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