500 Follows…..!!!!!

Hello, My WordPress family.
I am happy to announce that my blog has completed 500 followers. This is a very small step for me, but it’s meant a lot. And this is only just because all of you. One person who deserves a big thanks and I know only thank you is not sufficient. Shanky♥️Salty he is the one who helped me a lot and his support and guidance make this happen today. And I want to thanks all of you because without your support and love it’s never been possible.
WordPress is like a family, we support each other, read each other, motivates each other by small awards and likes and by beautiful comments.
WordPress gives me a new life, a new understanding, new friends, and yes lots of love.
I want to share one thing on that day.
We are writers, we write from heart and our words are energy which flows like a love in our surrounding.” So guys spread love, makes people more smile, and light up the world.
Thank you so much for your kind support. Keep writing, Keep growing.
©Dr. Sakshi Pal


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162 thoughts on “500 Follows…..!!!!!

      1. No dear not yet but bless me with that one also and in my point of view 10000 is just number the real love is when readers gives us their precious time and read our content and shower their love with their beautiful comments…..💕🙏🤗

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  1. This is such an inspiration to me. Congratulations! I’ve been writing poetry since kid but I just started my blog last year. I stopped writing for awhile because of my depression and anxiety’s getting worst but here I am again, back on track. Hoping and praying to gain more followers, too, and shared my writings with everybody.

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