Me and You…….!!!!!

Me & You under the sea
The water with love
Let’s flow with all glow
Yes hold my hand
You yes you baby
I’m saying to you
Our love yes our affection
Your eyes are blinking
Love reflects
Like a sparkel in our eyes
I found you by luck
My life my breath
My everything is with you
This is the moment of love
Just live it
Like hundred days in one second
Life is beautiful
You are with me
Me & You under the sea
hold my hand
my love, oh my love
©Dr. Sakshi Pal


be the part of the present

68 thoughts on “Me and You…….!!!!!

  1. जेही बात हमने अपने love से कहा था…कसम संजय दत्त की ब्लॉक कर दिया हमको उसने😭😂whatsapp insta सब से 😑

    अब हम सन्यासी बन गया हूँ …हिमालय शिखर तो नहीं पर घर की टंकी पर बैठ कर प्रतीक्षा करता हू बस…😭😊

    Well written 🙌❤😃

    Hold my hand Peter☺😍

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      1. This thing I learnt from you friend…. thanks

        Now I can only pray for her success …else everything I tried and failed 😃

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  2. वाह साक्षी जी वाहहह!
    आपने तो अपने दिल के भावों को एक कोरे कागज की तरह साफ और स्पष्ट प्रकट कर दिया है।
    हम तो FAN हो गये जी आपके!!!

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  3. “The water with love

    Let’s flow with all glow”

    Are these lines meant for human as well? Very divine words too romantic…felt like, out-of-the-world.

    Salute to the creator of the line…

    Fantastic, heart touching, amazing lines.


    Liked by 2 people

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