Enlighten The Lamps

I Enlighten The Lamps
In the dark nights
May be ,
They enlighten atleast
One person’s heart
Some hearts are,
Full of darkness,
The darkness of haterd
Some hearts are full of guilt
Oh dear,
Let go all these things
You are born winner,
Just recognize your spark
Yes you are the magic
We all are do wrong things
And learn from our deeds
Good comes after bad
Just be glad,
Just be like you
Just as you are
You are the creature of God
He is the law(God)
One life, one efforts
One purity, one humanity
Just live in oneness
We all are spirits of god
Dears with my heart
Just enlighten yourself
Enlighten the lamps
Lamps of hearts.
©Dr. Sakshi Pal


be the part of the present

36 thoughts on “Enlighten The Lamps

  1. Most people die without knowing that they were poet, artist etc🙂

    You are artist by heart … Keep it up …✌

    The planet does not need more successful. people. The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers and lovers of all kinds. -Dalai Lama”

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