Tumhe mujhse Pyar hai 💖

Tumhe mjhse Pyar hai💖
Par is bat see bhi inkaar hai😊
Tere Dil ki kashish ko b jante Hain hm
Ye to bat ab sare-aam hai🤗
Tumhe mjhse Pyar hai
Yu chup ho Jana 🤐
Gumsum sa hoke
fir bht kuch keh Jana
Tera 😊
Ye hi to Pyar hai. 😍
Man lo 🌹
tumhe mjhse Pyar hai💖
Khamoshio k sath rehne me
Or kuch na khne me bhi.
Tera izhar hai☺️
Tumhe mjhse Pyar hai💖


( Love is feeling that can not be explained by the words it’s a feeling that can be feel by the persons who are attached with heart and soul .eyes are the reflection of the emotions….☺️)

Dr . Sakshi pal



be the part of the present

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